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Our Staff – Are Pawsome! #thebest

Get to know the friendly, fully trained, experienced and pup-loving people who will provide the best possible care and attention to your dog, along with cuddles!

The Waggery prides itself on providing you and your dog with a caring and personalised service. We are a small, hard working group of passionate dog lovers. Staff are fully trained in dog behaviour with years of experience. Basically our staff know dogs inside and out. Your dog will receive expert handling, care, cuddles, oh and did we mention FUN! We love nothing more than to see your dog having fun playing in a fully supervised cage free environment, providing them with lots of enrichment and plenty of fun and games. Our staff take the time to get to know all of our dogs, their play styles and how they behave in the daycare environment, are able to read and understand dog behaviours and can quickly identify any possible unwanted behaviours, and intervene if necessary before it develops.

Roy and her mates

Roy - Managing Director

G’day I’m Roy…and before you assume wrongly - I am a girl...a girl with a boys name...basically I’m like a dog straight outta Hollywood.

Now to get a few things straight – Regardless of what my Mum says, I am the boss around here. I am her first born and therefore heir to this business so I run the show and call the shots. In addition to all my MD jobs I’m also responsible for the quality testing of all toys, beds, fences, gates and leads. Everything is passed by me and unless I wag my tail like a mad woman it ain’t happening.

I’m so happy mum created this business for me – now I get to see my friends every day. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Tilly - Office Manager

Oh hi I’m Tilly. I’m not really too sure what to write here…I’ve never been one for public speaking. I look after things in the office here at The Waggery. My main duties include keeping Mum’s feet warm and perfecting my sad dog eyes for sympathy pats.

Mum adopted me about 4 years ago…my life is so much better now I don’t have to chase sheep all day. I love it here at The Waggery – I am a lady of leisure and I am mad for it.

I look forward to nudging your hand so you continue to pat me very soon.

Tessa – Roy’s 2IC

Hi there, I’m Tessa and I am the proud owner and manager of The Waggery - Roy’s 2IC.

After many years working in different office environments I realised I had no desire to climb the corporate ladder so I took a chance and opened The Waggery. 

I have a deep love for dogs and their welfare and I also know firsthand how hard it is to leave your fur kid at home all day every day. They say if you work hard enough dreams come true! My dream was to create a place for owners to have their dogs cared for in a safe, friendly environment where they are free to interact and play with other dogs. I’ve worked hard for many years and think I can safely say I have now accomplished my dream. 

I feel honoured to have the trust of so many dog owners, it is not something I take lightly. 

My team and I love making life easier and guilt free for parents, and creating fun filled days for dogs. There is nothing I love more than greeting happy tail waggin’ dogs at the door.  

I’m so proud of our facilities and our trained and talented team. 

Roy, Tilly and I look forward to meeting and playing with you and your fur kid really soon.


Sharni – Fun and Games Co-ordinator

Hello there! I’m Sharni. I have a real passion for dogs and have always wanted to pursue a career in the animal industry. I love coming to work each day and I am very lucky to love my job! 

I'm always furthering my knowledge through study, I’ve completed my Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training and Certificate III in Companion Animal Services. Getting to know each individual dog’s personalities and traits is just one of the things I love about working at The Waggery. I love to enrich dogs lives and am the creative genius behind many of the activities that the dogs participate in each week. I work closely alongside Roy, our Managing Director to ensure we have just the right balance of learning, games and fun.

I have two fur kids of my own, Tilly the Cavoodle and Marlee the Australian Shepherd – you will see them at The Waggery every Tuesday.

Jill - Chief  Cuddler

Hi I’m Jill and pairing with my name I am a bit of a Jack of all trades here at The Waggery. After 30 plus years in the meat retail world (25 of those in our own butcher shop) and not quite ready to retire. I jumped at the chance to work along side my daughter Tessa and here I am.

You will usually see me in reception saying “hi and bye” to all of our wonderful Waggers and their owners. Oh and cuddling, I am a great cuddler for any Wagger that needs one!

Brendan – Pawparatzi

Hiya, My name is Brendan! I always wanted to work with animals and what better way to get up in the morning than knowing you get to work with man’s best friend every day!

I’ve completed my Certificate III in Dog Training and Behavior and previously worked through the RSPCA in retail, education and re-adoption. I love being able to see dogs really getting to live their best lives and helping their owners learn how to take the best care of their furry friends!  Every dog we work with is quite different and I think the diversity and fun loving staff is what really makes The Waggery such a great place to be.

I have one dog Delilah the Greyhound X who often comes to The Waggery, she’s usually the awkward big dog trying to be a small lap dog.  

I can’t wait to meet you and all of your fur kids!

Jen – Little Dog Lover

Hey, my name is Jen I love dogs of all sizes and breeds, but I am fondest of the small dogs. The smaller a dog the cuter it is! 

I have completed a certificate III in Companion Animal Services and a Bachelor of Veterinary and Wildlife Science. I first started working with dogs in 2015 as a dog walker and in-home pet carer. I continued in the animal industry, working as an after-hours animal ranger with the City of Ballarat and as an animal attendant at a local cattery (shhhhh don’t tell the dogs!). I haven’t looked back since!

It’s such a pleasure to work with these complex unconditional creatures. It warms my heart going to work every day and getting to know the quirks and personalities of each and every dog!

Molly - Tail Wag Assessor

Hello, I’m Molly! Coming from farming background, I have been surrounded by animals my whole life and I absolutely love them. I even have seven doggies at home! After graduating high school, I started working as a roustabout and would spend every lunch break patting and cuddling the working dogs.

I’m so grateful to now spend my whole day playing, cuddling and caring for my furry friends at The Waggery and making sure they are having a tail waggin’ good time. I am so lucky to have a such a rewarding job and seeing the pure joy in your dog’s eyes makes my day.

I’m excited to get to know you and your fur kids!

Cameron - Savvy Stylist

Heya, I'm Cameron.

I've been grooming for over 7 years now keeping pooches from all over Ballarat in style. I have a real passion for not only making the dogs look great but making them feel great too. Nothing makes me happier than a good before and after shot!

Outside of work I'm a performer but that often creeps in to the workplace...your fur kids will not only get a pamper session but they get a free concert too! There's always a sing-along happening in The Groomery. I can’t wait to get my hands on your furry kids and work my magic!