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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Doggy daycare is a relatively new concept to some, and is mostly all about FUN.

The Waggery considers looking after your fur baby as an absolute privilege and we take this responsibility very seriously. Here are some frequently asked questions about our policies.

Can any dog attend daycare?

Put simply, no. Some dogs are just not suited to a daycare environment. Much like humans, dogs have individual personalities, natures, and temperaments and in some cases, are just not able to adjust to such a stimulating environment. Your dog will be assessed on its first daycare session by our qualified staff to determine if daycare will compliment your dog.

Will my dog be trained whilst at daycare?

We believe fundamental training of your dog must start from home. With basic training and socialisation skills in hand, your dog will be better equipped to manage the daycare environment. We do not offer ‘training’ whilst at daycare for many reasons: - daycare is a very stimulating and distracting environment and not all the best situation for quality training to occur. We do, however, provide try to provide guidelines for the dogs to follow whilst at daycare, such as not pulling staff and barging through doors and gates and jumping on staff but these behaviours, if not reinforced at home, will likely remain associated to the waggery for your dog, as they learn by association and repetition. We prefer if dogs are left to play and be ‘dogs’.

Why is the application form so detailed?

It is of the upmost importance that we know as much about your dog as you do. The initial evaluation of your dog, its health and nature is vital in considering where to bets place your dog at daycare. Our aim is to have a stress free environment as we can, with dogs being assigned to play groups according to age, size, temperament ect.

Why is my dog not suited for daycare?

In some cases, we must decide against a dog being able to attend daycare. We do not make this decision easily and factors can include: - behaviour issues, social incompatibility, aggression and separation anxiety. Please understand we are not judging you or your dog, as it is an observation not a critiscm. Our decision has been based on what is best for your dog. We do our utmost to accommodate all dogs, unfortunately by placing these dogs into the daycare environment we have learnt that the problems can actually escalate. We will be happy to discuss our decision outcome with you and assist in exploring other options for your dog.

Why does my dog have to be vaccinated and de-sexed?

Depending on the breed, puppies begin to sexually mature & become fertile around 6 months of age. Some breeds can be earlier. Puppies that are not de-sexed will begin to display unwanted traits such as humping, marking and aggression, which can upset the overall harmony of the playing group and lead to possible injuries to themselves or other dogs. Without exception, all puppies and dogs must be desexed to attend The Waggery.  

Vaccinations MUST be up to date including C5 to attend daycare, this protects them against common diseases such as parvovirus and can reduce the likelihood of kennel cough with are both transmitted by contact.

Will my dog’s behavioural problems be solved by attending daycare?

The short answer is no, we do not offer behaviour assistance whilst your dog is in daycare. Our trained staff focus on providing quality supervised mental and physical stimulation along with lots of fun. We will be happy to advise you about any issues we may see displayed by your dog whilst at daycare. Your dog will return home happy and tired and seemingly well behaved, once rested they will revert to their normal behaviours. We believe it is important to seek professional assistance to determine the cause of any problem behaviour and are happy to recommend a trainer or behaviourist should you be interested.

How many dogs do you have in?

Each day at The Waggery is different, but we can assure you your fur kid will have plenty of pals to play and interact with. Our play groups are chosen on the dogs dynamics and natures, some dogs will want to play all day, others are happy to chill out. Rather than focusing on a number we want to ensure your dog will enjoy a day of fun filled activities.

What will my dog play with daycare?

We have a wide range of durable rubber toys, tug ropes, balls, agility aids and more. All toys are nontoxic and washed at the end of each day to ensure hygiene is kept to a high standard.  We also include bubble games, outside we have tyre mounds and tunnels to explore. Paddling pools are used in the warmer months for water play, your dog may still be a little wet on collection due to water play. During winter months, we try our best to keep the dogs dry, however, this can be difficult when toileting outside etc. We recommend you carry a towel for a quick dry off for the journey home.

What changes may I notice in my dog after being at The Waggery?

A day at The Waggery involves a full day of play and exercise for both mind and body for your dog. They will receive mental and physical stimulation. Initially, you may notice your dog will be tired and possibly have some muscle soreness, this is to be expected. As they become fitter and stronger this will diminish.

Can I view the facility before booking my dog in?

Yes, absolutely. We would be happy to show you around, answer any questions and you can meet our friendly staff. Viewings need to be pre-booked and usually take place at around 5:45 pm, Monday – Friday. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a viewing.  

Do I need to bring anything? Favourite toy/s, blankets or bedding etc.

No. We would ask you not to bring any toys etc as your dog may become possessive over its toys etc and we would prefer the place space to be equal territory for all dogs benefit. The Waggery provides couches, bedding, and toys for use throughout the day, which are washed and disinfected daily.  

What if my dog misbehaves?

Each play group has supervising staff member in attendance at all times. If your dog should become over stimulated or is playing too rough we have designated ‘time out’ area in which your dog will be placed to allow time for calming down. Once calm they can re-join the group. If a serious incident occurs involving your dog, we reserve the right to inform you and arrange for your dog to be collected.

Will my dog be fed at daycare?

No, your dog won’t be fed during its daycare session. Although, we do make exceptions for puppies still on three feeds a day. We recommend feeding your dog breakfast 45 minutes before leaving home to avoid excited car sickness. Your dog may be offered small treats throughout the day to reward good behaviour unless we are advised of any dietary issues your dog may have.

Will my dog be ‘walked’ at The Waggery?

Walking dogs is not needed in a daycare environment, the dogs receive plentiful physical and mental exercise in their play with other dogs along with staff interaction play. Dogs may be placed on a lead for short periods with a handler if needed for behaviour issues, but generally, the dogs are given freedom to socialise and play during daycare sessions.

Do you accept work experience students, volunteers and spectators?

The Waggery takes pride in the care and attention your dog receives while at daycare, unfortunately, this does not allow the time and recourses needed to supervise work experience students. Due to the unpredictable nature of dogs, our trained staff members are the only people permitted to be inside the play areas with the dogs. Unfortunately, this rules out being able to accept students or volunteers. OH & S guidelines are strictly followed at The Waggery with the safety of staff and dogs being of paramount importance. Owners often ask if they can watch their dog play, this can be very unsettling for the group, you could liken it to a stranger knocking on your door and the reaction of your dog, but on a larger scale to someone ‘new’ appearing, the group is unsettled and it takes time to calm them after the intrusion. For this reason, we do not encourage spectating.

What if I have further questions?

Our friendly staff will be able to help with any further questions you may have. Our business hours are 8am – 6pm Monday - Friday, during these hours we’d be more than happy to help you understand The Waggery and why people find daycare so rewarding for their dog.